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Baku allows you to search for system registry errors and unneeded files
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A computer system requires proper maintenance both in hardware and software parts. We do hardware maintenance when the computer is not working. Now, it can happen that the computer system may slow down due to problems in software or operating system. One main problem with Windows OS is that the registry (which is actually like a database that stores important data for software and the OS settings) can become corrupted or occupy a lot of space on the disk.

Baku is a free program that can clean up the registry and also compact it. The registry compaction is actually done by defragging the registry file, the thing that programs like the Windows defrag cannot do, as it cannot defrag most system files. Anyway, to reduce the registry errors and slowdowns, do not install unnecessary software, as this can severely slow down the system.

Another one problem may be caused by temporary files. These files are just created to store data temporarily. For example, a program installation will keep important files in c:\windows\temp folder before starting the installation, to make sure that in case it fails, enough data is available to reverse the changes made to the system. Software installations like Nero, doesn’t clean up the temp folder and thus can use about 1 GB of space or even more. It is a good idea to clean up this folder once in a month or so. This program can scan for the temporary files in other places, using the file extension conventions used by Windows and other programs. *.tmp, for example, in most cases is safe to delete wherever it is encountered.

Baku is actually for advanced users, who are familiar with these concepts and know what should be deleted, because the file types and directories are selected manually.

We may also search for duplicate files and set the program to delete them automatically or move them to the recycle bin when found. File and folder exclusions, and other required settings are available as they should be.

On an overall basis, this program is quite easy to use with the wizard interface, but it can only be recommended for advanced users. By the way, I didn’t like the interface. Also, the program cannot be easily stopped when it is working.

Zack Martin
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  • Can reduce the size of the registry
  • Wizard Interface
  • Small program
  • Heuristic analysis
  • 64 bit support


  • Registry operations take a lot of time
  • Only for Advanced users
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